Reconnect to Food/Eating/Flavours

Our mission is to create distinctive hyperlocal dining experiences. Here you can reconnect to the flavours and tastes of local raw ingredients. Cooked simply yet deliciously, retaining their natural goodness.

Terroir expresses different characteristics and qualities around a specific place such as geography, geology and climate and how these interact with, for example, plant genetics or the production of food.

The terroir idea is fundamental. We create stories about the unique conditions that this particular place has and what effects they have on the quality and properties of the food.

Ingredients include fish & water from the river, berries, mushrooms, herbs and meat from the forest, fruit/food from the trees. All raw materials are linked to the four elements air, soil, water and fire and we use all of these in various traditional ways to prepare our dishes.

Key elements

  • Signature local dishes which are in the main made of local raw ingredients
  • Local people preparing and telling the story of the meals and their unique interpretation
  • Co-cooking around the fire – gästs can learn local cooking method

We do not offer an a la carte menu. Our Chefs decide each days menu based on seasonality and any special dietary requirements gusts may have. Guests are though very welcome to advise any preferences when booking.