Today, in regional areas, traditional forms of employment such as forestry, farming and fishing remain important for the national economy but employ far less people, particularly in small villages, than was the case in days gone by.

Tourism has the potential to return high value employment to the regions using the natural resources around us. That includes the nature, the small scale farming, the village lifestyle and most importantly the local people who choose to call this place home.

Arctic Retreat is an important part of this revival as it gives employment and purpose to a wide range of skilled and unskilled people, women and immigrants. Everyone from plumbers to electricians, shop keepers, transport operators and of course the local guides, chefs and the hosts who take care of you.

Importantly, the positioning of the experience at Arctic Retreat, as part of the community, with high levels of service, private activities and personal hosting maximises employment while giving the guests an opportunity to come as close as possible to our local culture. Consequently, the low number of guests, relative to other more high volume tourism venues, means we provide the lowest possible impact on our local environment.

At Arctic Retreat we offer a wide range of private guided activities. These give guests the opportunity to learn about the local nature and culture. At the same time this ensures that our experiences have the minimum possible adverse impact on the local community or the environment as well as ensuring the safety of our guests.