Arctic Retreat has a goal to be environmentally friendly and climate-smart.

While achieving Sweden’s Natures Best accreditation is a start we are far from finished in our sustainability work.

We want to preserve and use nature and culture in the long term. The business wants to contribute to economic development so that the local culture and local community survive. We want to encourage our visitors to buy quality products from local people. Products that in an authentic way reflect our lifestyle and culture.

We are knowledge communicators with local roots in the area. Our operations take place in collaboration and consultation with the local community and landowners. We want to offer experiences that give our guests an insight into life and culture in a way that is genuine and does not distort history and culture. Our experiences must be adapted so that our guests has an opportunity to gain an understanding and respect for nature and culture and do so in the safest way reasonable. Our guests should experience joy and think that the visit lived up to expectations.

Every year, we review the business and customer reviews to improve with this ecotourism policy as a starting point.