Arctic Retreat is located about 1 hour north west of Luleå in Swedish Lapland.

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At Arctic Retreat our guests come from over the whole world. Notwithstanding this, our guest numbers are few and we believe the cost of their travel to us is more than compensated by the significant economic benefit our guests give to our small local villages. As well as the benefit to our guests in terms of health and wellbeing.

In the spirit of doing more rather than less, Arctic Retreat also contributes climate compensation schemes.

We of course recommend you travel in a sustainable way by choosing green transportation by train or buss. If that is not possible, we recommend you to CO2 compensate your travel by air or car and your holiday footprint.

There are some sustainable ways to visit us. This includes a train from Stockholm to Boden station. You can read more about Swedish Rails sustainability in their 2019 report here: Swedish Rail Sustainability Report

Even our main airline, SAS has a significant commitment to sustainability and you are most welcome to read about their plans here: SAS Sustainability

One you arrive at Luleå airport or the Boden train station you have only an hour or 40 minutes respectively until you are at Arctic Retreat.


We will provide guests with the option for transfers from Luleå airport or Boden train station or one of our other fantastic hotels or lodges by way of a private guided transfer. Guests can also arrange their own taxi transfer or our local bus services.

Many of our guests select our private guided transfers in high end vehicles as these are the most sustainable possible in the circumstances in which we live. For safety, particularly in our winter climate, all our vehicles are 4 wheel drive. They are also however modern (less than 4 years old) and thus have the most modern economical driving technology available.

These vehicles include:

  1. A high end Volkswagen Multivan.
    This vehicle is powered by fossil fuels but will be changed to the new all electric version when available in 2021. You can read more about Volkswagen recent commitment to sustainability here: VW Sustainability
  2. A high end Volvo XC 90.
    This vehicle is powered by fossil fuels but has the latest fuel economy technology. More about Volvo’s commitment to sustainability here: Volvo Sustainability
  3. A 2020 model Telsa X.
    It is self evident or at least widely believed that Tesla is at the leading edge of developing fully electric vehicles for the modern world. In Swedish Lapland we can even be comforted that the electricity used to re-charge the system comes from the hydro electric resources powered along the Luleå River as well as developing wind power.

Hire Car

Hire cars are available at the Luleå airport. There is a booking search engine on the airports website which will return quotes from a range of companies. Swedavia Luleå Car Rental