Autumn is an amazing time to visit Arctic Retreat in Swedish Lapland.

At this time of year the Autumn colors are just starting to come out in the birch trees, the northern lights returning with the darkness and our amazing log cabins with a private hottub and fireplace make for an amazing getaway.

Here you can explore our nature while hiking along our marked trails, canoeing the river that flows past your cabin or using our fat bikes to explore the greater area. Hiking with huskies or even going on training tour by cart is also popular in readiness for the upcoming winter season.

In early Autumn the days are still quite long so we have lots of time for one or more outdoor activities. We have some darkness returning about the 25th of August and from this time onwards it is possible to see the northern lights. It is important to remember that you do not need to take a guided tour to see the northern lights. Given our remote location, with few artificial lights in the area, we enjoy a darkness that will allow you to see the lights from the front deck of your cabin or even perhaps from the hottub. We do however offer guided photography tours if you would like to learn more about the northern lights and how to photograph them to a high standard.

Canoeing is very popular in early Autumn and we have canoes and safety equipment available for guests to use on their own initiative. In front of the cabins the river runs into a long small lake, which is fantastic for canoeing, before continuing on past the retreat and on towards the sea. On the lake, if we are quiet, we sometimes see Beaver and perhaps, on the shore, one of the other forest locals such as a Moose or fox.

Fat-biking is proving popular all year round and this summer/autumn we have added fat-biking to our guided activities. They are a fantastic way to explore our nature as the wide and soft tires take you across all types of terrain from forest trails to rocky paths and even over sand with ease.

You can see the activities available here – Autumn Activities