This is a special time of year from early October to the middle of November. Still Autumn but almost Winter.

Late Autumn is an amazing season at Arctic Retreat in Swedish Lapland. Almost winter, the nights are getting longer, making for great northern lights viewing. There may even be some snow on the ground leaving a trail as you cycle, hike our marked trails or enjoy a husky cart training experience. Plus the opportunity to relax in our beautiful log cabins, enjoy great food, your own hottub and our sauna on crisp Autumn evenings.

Given the lateness in the season and the subsequent cooler days, some activities, such as canoeing are not recommended and we instead encourage guests to choose from:

Guided Fat biking

Fat bikes are a lot of fun to ride and handle well across a wide range of conditions including sand, dirt, brush and even snow and ice. Our special Autumn offer enables to you use the fat bikes free of charge on your own initiative or you can book a guided tour with a local expert.

Guided hiking

We have a marked local trail up to the mountain along which you can explore and enjoy some of our local nature on our own initiative. Along this trail you can find special marked small signs with a QR code linking you to detailed information about that place. Alternatively you and book a guided tour and a local nature expert will show you the wonders of our forest.

Autumn Husky Adventure

Huskies love to run and when the temperature drops in the Autumn they are particularly keen to start training again for winter. Our nearby Husky kennel offers Autumn experiences for guests to meet the huskies and take them on a training run in a kart. One of our mosts popular activities where you will how much the kennel owners love and take care of their furry friends.

Visit a Sami family

The Sami people have lived in Sapmi for thousands of years. It is an amazing culture with a challenging recent history and many more challenges ahead due to industrialisation and climate change. Learn a little about the traditional culture and how it is to be Sami today with a local family. You will also meet some of their reindeer which is a delight for all the family.

Swedish Baking

The Swedes are famous for their baking and our chef will give you a local lesson in making some delicacies to be enjoyed during fika. Fika is the Swedish version of morning or afternoon tea and is usually enjoyed with strong coffee (cooked over an open fire outside is best) and some cinnamon buns.

Northern lights photography

Our northern lights photographer will take you on a short walk to a local lookout point where we can hopefully see the northern lights and you will learn some tips and tricks regarding how to photograph them and place yourself in the shot.

Flavours of the 8 seasons

Eva Gunnare is a local food creator who has developed a deep and personal connection to the forest and its edible flora. You will learn how much of our wonderful nature can helps sustain us and give amazing tastes for us to enjoy. This is a a learning experience with many tastes of the forest for you to try.

You can find more information about the best activities in this season here – Autumn Activities

We have a special late Autumn program that we have developed over the summer and it is here