We recently had the inauguration of a new work of art in the center of Gunnarsbyn. Birgitta Linhart artist.

Gunnarsbyn (the church parish area) has 24 nationalities! Remarkable!

Some of these new residents in the village even work at Arctic Retreat and that we can help our village grow makes us very proud.

The idea behind the artwork come from the local people who wanted to recognize our immigrants with a globe where each band is a continent. All 24 flags represented on the bands are in enamel.

We hope that over time there will be more immigrants and we are excited to see what new flags appear.

The Church of Sweden (Svenska kyrkan) is Evangelical Lutheran. The Church of Sweden has been separated from the state since 2000, which means that Sweden no longer has an official state church.

Gunnarsbyn’s congregation is the smallest of the Boden pastorate’s parishes, with between 700-800 inhabitants, but geographically the largest. Gunnarsbyn’s congregation includes geographically 1/3 of Boden municipality. It is a sparsely populated assembly with everything this means.