Recognises best practice for responsible Swedish companies in nature and cultural tourism. Arctic Retreat has completed a year long process of internal reflection and active development to enable us to gain this recognition.

Nature’s Best® is Sweden’s only sustainability label for nature-based experiences.  Nature’s Best® functions both as a systematic tool for nature and cultural tourism companies’ sustainable business development and a quality label that makes sustainable experiences visible to nature conscious travellers.

With quality-assured consideration for nature conservation, environmental adaptation or local anchoring with care for the destination’s cultural values.

”Ecotourism is responsible travel that helps protect natural environments and supports the well-being of the local population” (Världsnaturfonden-WWF 1994)

Update 1 Jun 2023

Nature’s Best Sweden has been recognised according to the Global Sustainable Tourism Council’s standard for nature and cultural experiences according to the international criteria for sustainable tourism.
– It is an important milestone, which increases confidence among consumers, nature tourism companies and other stakeholders looking for sustainable alternatives.

The recognition means that the quality label has undergone a thorough review by GSTC’s experts to ensure it meets its global standards.

– It is an important quality stamp, which means that Nature’s Best Sweden now joins a group of big-name sustainability systems such as EarthCheck, Green Key and Ecotourism Australia, to name a few.

The Nature’s Best quality label, of which Naturturismföretagen is the principal, has, during the 20 years or so of its existence, always been a solid system for nature tourism companies to ensure the quality of their operations. This is based on the label’s six basic principles as well as thematic criteria depending on the nature and cultural experiences that a company conducts.

Nature’s Best six basic principles

Natures Best has 6 basic principles:

  1. Respect the limitations of the destination – minimise the negative impacts on local nature and culture.
    Ecotourism is about preserving what the visitor has come to experience. The ecological and cultural capacity of each area must be respected. This means tour operators must have a solid knowledge of the destination, local presence and work closely with others present in the area.
  2. Support the local economy.
    Ecotourism is about community development. Conservation can easily fail if local people object to it. Tangible benefits from tourism are a positive force. Each visitor contributes economically to the well being of the destination by renting rooms, hiring local guides and purchasing goods and services. The more, the better.
  3. Make all the operator’s activities environmentally sustainable.
    Ecotour operators must set a good example of a sound environmental practice. Approved operators have policies to minimize environmental impact by prioritizing, e.g., collective transport, sustainable lodging, waste management, etc.…
  4. Contribute actively to nature and cultural conservation.
    Ecotourism assumes responsibility for the protection of biodiversity and special cultural values. This means supporting nature preservation in various ways. Our operators cooperate to find ‘win-win’ ways of doing business.
  5. Promote knowledge and respect and the joy of discovery.
    Ecotourism is about traveling with curiosity and a respectful mindset. Approved operators are competent hosts providing visitors with a good introduction to the area. Good advice and guidance are often the keys to a memorable trip.
  6. Quality and safety all the way.
    Ecotourism is quality tourism. Approved tours must meet and even exceed our customers’ high expectations. Safety issues are taken very seriously, and we have many satisfied customers. An approved tour operator is a trusted supplier and partner.

and the process includes meeting specific theme criteria, conducting a full destination analys and developing a detailed environmental plan.

At Arctic Retreat we are grateful to the help and support and advice from the team at Natures Best and look forward to continuing to live up to and better the standards they have set.