Cicci Anderson, a passionate gardener living in the quaint village of Sörbyn in Swedish Lapland, has a green thumb like no other.

Rhubarb home grown in Sörbyn in Swedish Lapland

She adores nurturing her plants, and one of her great successes was growing rhubarb in her garden. Surrounded by the breathtaking forest landscape, it seems that the rhubarb thrive in this unique environment.

The Nordics provide an ideal climate for rhubarb cultivation. The long days of sunlight during the summer months, coupled with the cool temperatures, created the perfect balance for the plant to flourish. Rhubarb loved the cold winters as well, as it required a dormant period to gather strength for the upcoming growing season.

Cicci takes great pride in her home-grown rhubarb, knowing that it is nurtured by the pristine air and rich soil of Sörbyn. Her dedication didn’t go unnoticed. Sörbyn Lodge and Arctic Retreat, two nearby establishments that are committed to promoting local food cul
ture, became intrigued by Cicci’s rhubarb.

The lodge and retreat share a passion for showcasing the flavors of the region and supporting local farmers and producers. They recognized the unique opportunity to incorporate Cicci’s rhubarb into their menus, allowing guests to savor the authentic taste of the Nordics.

The chefs at Sörbyn Lodge and Arctic Retreat embraced the vibrant rhubarb as a versatile ingredient. From tangy rhubarb compotes to refreshing sorbets, they have explored the full potential of this bountiful plant. Rhubarb tarts with a delicate almond crust became a signature dessert, and rhubarb-infused cocktails delighted visitors at the lodge’s bar.

The use of Cicci’s home-grown rhubarb in their menus became a symbol of the establishments’ commitment to supporting local food culture. It showcased the incredible flavors that could be found right in their own backyard, strengthening the connection between guests and the surrounding landscape.

Cicci’s Rhubarb Cake Recipe

This rhubarb cake is longed for when spring comes – among the first thing that peeks out from the snow cover is rhubarb. So it will be extra tasty with the tender, crispy rhubarb stalks.

And very easy to make!

2 eggs
1 ½ dl sugar (150 ml)
1 ½ dl wheat flour (150 ml)
3 thin rhubarb stalks
50 gr butter
½ dl pearl sugar
oven 150 – 175 degrees for about 25-30 minutes.

Cut rhubarb into small pieces.
Whisk eggs and sugar until really fluffy.
Add the flour and mix with the egg and sugar.
Pour the batter into an approximately 22 cm round shape.
Spread the rhubarb over the batter. Cut the butter into thin slices and spread over the entire cake. Sprinkle with granulated sugar and then bake in the oven.

For serving – good with freshly whipped cream or vanilla ice cream

A video on how to make Rhubarb buns by Stockholm chef Cecilia Tolone.