Swedish Lapland

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About Us

Sheltered by large trees in winter, our traditional log cabins sleep a limited number of people.
The magical winter season brings cosy evenings around the fire after a day exploring. Accessed by snowmobile, dogsled or skis the arrays of partnered experiences are vast, and regardless of the adventure a warm bath in your hot tub, a visit to the Swedish sauna and a wholesome meal awaits you.

In the summer, the island converts and as the snow melts the Råne river wraps around the cove converting the frozen pond used for ice-skating into a kayaking and fishing playground.

Starting from September, fall signals first chances for spotting northern lights, picking berries in forests full of colour and the best fishing season.




staying with us






The beautiful river setting.
Warm hospitality.
All year round variety.
Cozy atmosphere.


Log timber cabins

Accommodates from two – eight people.
Eco-design with creature comforts.
Ideal for couples or small groups.


Rates on a request basis.
Group trips and planned experiences are tailored to meet your needs.
Guided experiences include wildlife watching, photography, hiking, snowshoeing, husky sledding, and the Northern lights.

my favourite spot in the world

 With a big interest in traveling, meeting people and food – my story began in a sudden and quite adventurous manner:

It all started one day when Niklas and I came across these cozy, remote log cabins that were on sale in an area we had visited a few times before. After some thought and preparations, we sold everything and moved into this lodge situated on a small cape,  just below a rapid of the Råne river in Swedish Lapland.

I won’t lie, it was a challenge from time to time. Living with a one year old and no normal toilets or modern comforts to begin with. Forget about baby strollers and your everyday latte meetings with the girls!

Somehow, however, it turned out to be the best choice and time in my life (so far).

After a random introduction to the tourism sector of the area, thoughts and ideas slowly changed. Instead of keeping this hidden gem to ourselves we started thinking about what has now become the Arctic Retreat.

Stay with us and I’ll show you the six months long winter when the deep snow lies glistening in the light of stars and northern lights. I’ll show you the powerful spring flooding, the mystic summer with endless days under the midnight sun, the autumn with it’s colors, berries and first chances of auroras. 

-Liza Löfgren