Arctic Herbs Workshop

Discover the wonders of local healing herbs

... in this engaging indoor workshop led by, Eva Gunnare, a knowledgeable forager, cultural guide, and expert in local wild herbs and berries. Join me for an intimate workshop brimming with discovery and creation, where the essence of Swedish tradition intertwines seamlessly with the bounty of our natural surroundings. Together, we'll unearth the secrets of our Arctic landscape, uncovering the hidden gems that nature graciously bestows upon us.

Throughout the workshop, participants will be engaged in a hands-on experience, crafting their very own personalized remedies. From herbal salves to bespoke tea blends, each creation will be a reflection of individual preferences and needs, carefully curated to harness the potent healing properties of our indigenous flora.

But the journey doesn't stop there. Embrace the Swedish tradition of Fika—a cherished ritual of relaxation and indulgence—as we pause to savor homemade delicacies infused with the flavors of locally foraged berries and herbs. Let your senses revel in the harmonious blend of aromas and tastes, a true celebration of our connection to the land.

Discover the art of crafting your own herbal salve, as you handpick the perfect combination of herbal oils and tinctures, tailored to address your specific concerns and desires. Delve into the world of herbal tea-making, guided by my expertise as we select herbs best suited to nourish and invigorate your body and spirit.

Don't miss this unparalleled opportunity to immerse yourself in the wonders of local healing herbs, to cultivate both body and soul, and to forge a deeper connection with the natural treasures of our region. Join me, Eva Gunnare, on this journey of exploration, discovery, and creation.

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  • 2.5 hours


  • All ages


  • All year round

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