Forsberg Mansion visit

Visit the Forsberg Mansion and the old grocery shop.

Explore the Forsberg Mansion and its vintage grocery shop. Erected in 1907-09, the mansion lay abandoned since 1934 until a recent restoration returned it to its 1920s-30s splendor. Join a guided tour to immerse in the tales of the family who once inhabited this historical haven. Opt for a comprehensive one-hour tour or a concise 20-30-minute exploration, delving into the mansion's international connections with America, Germany, and France in the late 19th to early 20th century. For a complete experience, indulge in a two-hour historical tour with a fika – enjoy hot cocoa, coffee, tea, or cakes from recipes found in the mansion's kitchen.


  • 2 hours

Transfer time

  • 15 min


  • All year round

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