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Mauro is a certified Yoga teacher, with more than 15 years of experience in Yoga, martial arts, movement Impro, and breathing techniques.

6O minutes - 1490 kr for up to 2 people
A hybrid movement and rehabilitative activity focused on the logic of modern human habits, inspired by Anukalana Yoga and Floreio Art.
This discipline is open to every age and condition: those who want to strengthen and stretch the body and have a demanding physical effort. those who want to relax and even those who need to take care of chronic pains and inflammations. At the end of the practice, you will be guided in relaxation for 15 minutes with the aim of deeply abandoning yourself.

60 minutes - 990,00 kr for up to 2 people
Complete training to approach the strong winter of the arctic. Primarily, by calming your nervous system using yourself, and secondly, by using breathing as an active tool of intention and action.

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