COVID 19 Policy

Covid precautions and procedures In regards to accommodation:

  • Hand sanitizers are available upon entry/exit of all accommodation and in all public areas.
  • Bedrooms/cabins/tents are disinfected between every guests
  • We are particularly thorough with toilets and contact surfaces such as handles, knobs, switches etc.
  • All general areas (reception/lobby/lifts/stairwells) are disinfected regularly throughout the day
  • Any shared facilities ( toilets/showers/sauna) are cleaned and disinfected regularly throughout the day
  • Where possible clients are kept socially distanced from other groups. (e.g. queuing for check-in) and we provide clear floor markings.
  • We adjust the furnishings in ways to create space and avoid crowding

In regards to meals/restaurants:

  • Hand-sanitizers are provided prior to entry and exit of each restaurant.
  • All tables and chairs are cleaned and disinfected between each guest.
  • No buffet meals where possible. If unavoidable, food is served to clients rather than self-service to avoid multiple individuals using utensils.
  • Any shared objects (salt/pepper/sugar/sauces) are cleaned and disinfected between each guest use. Or single servings/sachets are provided.
  • Sharing meals can be provided but should be served with individual serving cutlery for each client.
  • We avoid sharing tables with other clients/groups and keep the clients separated when in restaurants.
  • We offer the client plastic gloves when having to pay by card to avoid touching the machine.

In regards to activities:

  • We have regular internal sickness screening protocols in place. Before joining the activity or experience we ask guests to self-assess their physical condition before joining the activity. We inform guests that if they have symptoms, however mild, or are in a group where someone has symptoms, they are advised to stay at the accommodation and follow the company’s action plan.
  • Physical distancing is to be practiced as much as possible if the group involves more than one household unit. How each individual moves about throughout the experience will greatly influence the group’s distancing practices – guides will lead by example.
  • When dining out with members outside of the household unit, distancing measures areconsidered. Options may include the use of bigger tables or dining on separate tables to increase physical distance.
  • We provide access to hand washing facilities and sanitizer. We ask that guests sanitize hands when entering any building, kitchen, or dining facility, before starting an activity and as often as needed throughout the activity.
  • We hold briefings and gatherings outside whenever possible.
  • When closer contact is required we adopt the use of face masks.
  • Any equipment needed for an activity is cleaned and disinfected between each guest use.
    (I.e helmets, clothes, balaclava, socks,…) If possible, guests to bring these from home.

In regards to transfers:

  • We use face masks during transfers and the use of private vehicles for transportation where possible.
  • Every transportation option is fitted with a sanitiser gel.
  • Every vehicle has a bin (with a lid) that is emptied at every viable opportunity.
  • Every vehicle is cleaned and disinfected between each guest’s use/daily.
  • We recommend passengers to wear face coverings.

We provide these if needed:

  • Signs/leaflets and clear information are used where appropriate to reassure guests and create a more relaxed environment for everyone, both clients and staff.
  • All staff follow national C19 policies and protocols & our company’s action plan and follow up regularly.
  • We offer (or for purchase) pocket hand sanitizer & disposable/reusable face masks.
  • We advise staff to monitor their own health and seek a test when feeling ill.
  • All guides and hosts lead by example and are sure to be personally undertaking (and be SEEN to be doing so) all necessary safety precautions personally and to be enforcing compliance with clients and other staff members.
  • We have implemented a ‘what if a guest falls ill/is tested positive’ action plan into our risk assessment and update all staff on what happens next.
  • We help the guest (and their co-travellers) in finding appropriate accommodation when self isolation is needed? This is always however at the guests cost.