Arctic Retreat is a local community business.

Our close connection with the community is what makes us an important part of the area and a special place to visit.

  1. We buy local produce and services as much as possible – coming here helps the local community to stay alive.
  2. We have staff with a strong local connection.
  3. We want to be an active part in keeping the surrounding villages alive and attractive.


Expected Arctic becomes The Unexpected Arctic
People travel to us to experience the aurora borealis, winter landscapes, the silence, the adventure, the wilderness and typical winter activities as well as food, drinks and our cabins.

We stand out by adding the unexpected:

  1. We engage with customers and tell personal stories
  2. Activating more senses like taste, smell and touch – invite guests OUT by the fire and talk.
  3. We always serve food, snacks or drinks with a story or reason.
  4. Surprise guests. Invite them to participate in daily and/or local activities.


Destination becomes the  Start of a Journey

We want to deliver personal experiences that creates memories, thoughts and feelings that stay with our guests and form the base for future travel and experiences.

We use stories and the nature around us to let our guests look at their life in the mirror of the past and present lifestyles present in the Swedish and Sami cultures.


Research has shown that travelling has positive effects on people’s health, creativity and problem solving. To get these effects the traveler has to be deeply engaged and involved in the experience.

We create the possibilities for deeper engagement through Reconnects.

A reconnect can be to:

  • Food and flavours
  • Friends and family
  • History and Tradition
  • Community
  • Body
  • Mind
  • Nature

Come and experience a reconnection to things good and positive.